It’s an Important Decision . . .

Where a student attends school is a major decision for a family to make.  If parents think that BVA might be a good choice, we encourage them to explore:

  • Information Sessions - attend an information session to learn more about BVA.
  • School Visits - Families are encouraged to come for a visit to Birchwood School.  BVA is not a mega virtual school . . . We are real people from a small town who care about kids!
  • School District Options - Parents and students like Birchwood because of the options that exist here.

These options allow three traditional school choices along with three charter school choices.

  • Birchwood Elementary (Pre-K to Gr. 5)
  • Birchwood Middle (Gr. 6-8)
  • Birchwood High (Gr. 9-12)
  • Birchwood Public Montessori Charter (Pre-K to Gr. 6)
  • Birchwood Blue Hills Charter (Gr. 7-12)
  • Bobcat Virtual Academy (K to Gr. 12)


Birchwood School District

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